Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Than Academics

School IS more than academics.  While we are beginning testing season, we must stop and remember the real reason why we're here.  We are here, to cultivate leaders for tomorrow and leaders must know more than their math facts and how to analyze a novel.

This week embarks Blumfield staff on Chapter 2 of Teach Like a Pirate.  It is a controversial chapter and one might ask, "why open that can of worms?!" As I sat there with my fireplace crackling after I finished the chapter I thought, "why not?!" Here was the quote posed to staff, with a very broad "let me know your thoughts" attached to it:

Now if you're in a school that makes leaps and bounds in terms of growth on the state assessment, but still doesn't meet AYP, the looming consequences can seem daunting.  Rather than focus on the "not met" part, we choose to focus on the positive relationships we are building with students, the self-esteem that we are building inside of them and the day to day wins we see them achieve.  As an end result, we have 400+ kids who LOVE Blumfield just as much we LOVE them!

Blumfield staff and students spent the week celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week.  With the hustle and bustle February brings and with conferences this week, staff was reminded it was RAK week by a 6th grade student.  She inspired staff to continue the theme throughout the week as YouTube videos were discussed, stories were shared, students wrote inspiring quotes and taped them to the hallway walls and everyone worked a little bit harder at being kind to one another.

As we close out this Random Acts of Kindness Week, a Blumfield alum made the local news (see the clip here) that embodies why we do what we do on a daily basis.  I am truly lucky that I get to work with students like Harley each and every day as they remind me so often that life is more than just academics.

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