Thursday, February 5, 2015

Number Sense Here WE Go!

I'm attending the National Title 1 Conference here in Salt Lake City.  Looking through our classroom-based assessments, NeSA scores and MAP data, one area that students REALLY REALLY struggle is in...yup, you guessed it...MATH!  As we drill down a little bit deeper, students are simply not doing well in the area of number sense.  It is the basic foundation for mathematical skill, how can that be?!

Well, as I sat and dwelled on it during the presentation (Number Sense Across the District: Number Sense PD for Teachers) I wondered where did we go wrong? I mean our K-2 teachers have calendar time on their schedules, when I do walk-throughs they are following a calendar routine, teachers teach the district math program with fidelity, etc.  What I didn't conceptualize is that number sense is more than JUST a calendar routine.

As I sat there reflecting and envisioning where we might go from here the presenter (Jessica Shumway--author of Number Sense Routines) made one statement I probably never will forget:

If students do not have a strong foundation, by the beginning of 2nd grade mathematics will 
be difficult for them for the REST of their life.  

Thud. Audience silent. So where do we go from here? Well, to start the book that has been on my bookshelf in my "to read when I have time stack"...

will be opened the minute I get back.  I have been spending the rest of tonight brainstorming where we will go and how we will get there with using the most valuable resources I know: 
my teaching staff.  
Stay tuned, exciting things are about to happen at Blumfield Elementary in the coming months...

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