About Me

Hi, I'm Betsy!  I'm addicted to family time, diet coke, social media, positive relationship building and random road trips.

Welcome to my blog!  These are just random thoughts about my growth journey, what I want to remember at my core as an educator, what inspires me and really, anything within the educational realm.  Plus, education is all about begging, borrowing and stealing...so, I might as well share many of the treasures I find along with showcasing the talent I get to observe on a daily basis!

I am currently an elementary principal at a Title 1 building in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I have THE best job in the world.  I get to support teachers on a daily basis, teach on the fly (seriously, I've never had a teacher turn me down when I ask if I can take their class for 30 minutes), and build some of the best relationships with those kids who need us the most.  My ultimate goal is for every child to be able to BE creative, think critically, collaborate, give back to the community and to be able to connect everything to the real world (both figuratively and literally!)

When I'm not at school (which is pretty infrequent), I can be found spending time with my family. We love to be out and about, travel to random places and go to Costco on Sundays (yes, I know you do too).

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